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Norse Fates

Their names are Urd (Old Norse Urðr, “What Once Was”), Verdandi (Old Norse Verðandi, “What Is Coming into Being”) and Skuld (Old Norse Skuld, “What Shall Be”). A common  misconception is that they correspond to the past, present, and future in a linear conception of time. Shadowy Figures Continue reading

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Bobby Dylan The Times They Are A Changin’ 1964″ on YouTube

It has started again- the empty spaceCultural cannibalisation

Is filling up with

wagging mouths licking

And snipping gnawing and gnarling

Suffuse their empty and pitiless lives

Suffocate them with saliva drenched


Opinions regurgitated vomited with vileness


classless ceaseless

The cream has sank

We’re drowning in ourselves



“Oil painting techniques – one minute seagull painting – Timelapse” on YouTube

There’s something about these feathered fliers off on high-

hovering in the gales of yesterday



Screeching in a sopranish seagull style

Everyone knows their story and



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