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Norse Fates

Their names are Urd (Old Norse Urðr, “What Once Was”), Verdandi (Old Norse Verðandi, “What Is Coming into Being”) and Skuld (Old Norse Skuld, “What Shall Be”). A common  misconception is that they correspond to the past, present, and future in a linear conception of time. Shadowy Figures Continue reading

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“Oil painting techniques – one minute seagull painting – Timelapse” on YouTube

There’s something about these feathered fliers off on high-

hovering in the gales of yesterday



Screeching in a sopranish seagull style

Everyone knows their story and



When you play old maid with13 and 8 year old card sharks Ned brings a certain winning streak to the play.

Being the old maid is not the Continue reading “Watch “Ned Miller – From A Jack To A King” on YouTube”

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