When science just can’t explain everything

when the night drags like a tadpole undulating towards metamorphosis when the day seeks the night rotating blackness in here a

When nothing in the night is beyond the scope of the mind:don’t be afraid of it, it’s only day painted black

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4irXQhgMqg&w=560&h=315] To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doin

When touching myoclonus the ocean will wash over you: breathe softly

myoclonus is a state of cusp on deeper oceanic sleep. A sense of unsettling tidal waves breaking over your body. Intoxicated b

When something magical happens sing ‘Hey Jude’ based on the improbability principle

    They landed in the same circumferance surrounded by noise and commotion talk and chatter instant attraction and

When his roots grow deeper than a primative drive and art stimulates it

When fate drives this animalistic desire for him

When in that hypnagogic state my inner divine animal drives me to him

the cosmos drives a human but with the anchors and distractions set down by humans life has little meaning

When his psyche is dominated by civilisation and his prehistoric animalism is dying

his mind is not hard to read but he has being overpowered by the civilised and won't follow the depths of his soul, where love

When Any Birth Insinuates a Mythic Creation

birth of any kind is never simply a beginning but a continuum of history as was as is as will be

When You Find Yourself Born Free Then…. Life

Born Free forever chained to demands imagining them opened by a beautiful man whose chains are tighter is the paradox of love

When He Drops His Mask…Fucking Hell

When There Are Four Sides to Human Love

Human love is four sided It is more than a double entendre, beginning, foreplay, climax, end its intensity knows no bounds the

When he is Elusive and Creative She Seeks For Nothing Only the Meaning of HIm

seeking meaning is when you can't understand it as it is. The need to always want to tmake sense -let it be

When it comes to aVideo Appreciating the bee:we are in trouble

When All we Need is Belief But We’re Too Fucked Up

There is no evidence of a creator there was no evidence of us destroying the Earth why do we have to see it to believe it: #cu

When there’s only us left cultural Cannibalisation aVideo

[wpvideo 5IwcdZnD class=”data-temp-aztec-video”]

Imagine ‘Silence’ Only Us aVideo

[wpvideo 2uDsSMyA]

When Punched From All Sides aVideo

[wpvideo 5IwcdZnD]

When You Hear It aVIDEO Then You Don’t

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When you see Cultural Cannibalisation aVideo

When he knows a Tulip from a potato

When Sperm is in the cloud

When Tulip1 is exised

When Comeulus knows functional formations