Passive Suicide Engineered by the Pain Principle

Passive Suicide Engineered by the Pain Principle With pleasure comes pain as day follows night-Monday Tuesday-full moon new mo

A Christmas Childhood by Patrick Kavanagh-Solitude-Isolation-Memories as then is today:with more comes more

a poem that invokes times past of how good the celebration was of hearts that were tired and broken, where sowing the seeds of

tempestuousness cannot be contained

tempestuousness in the beautiful man cannot be contained in this already restrained animal. the constant and consistent demand

Shortest Day of the Year Sunday Dec 22.2019

Shortest Day of the Year Sunday Dec 22.2019 Sunrise 08.39 Sunset 16.25 There it is stretched farthest Snapped back to longest

splurt here comes the volcanic eruption of heat and passion: he’s arrived-DEEP TIME BBC4 short cuts Josie Long

what a man he's too beautiful for me just the feel of him would have me subsumed and enveloped by fire

SPUNK backbone and self possession in abundance FEEL ITs HOTness

spunk meaning dripping with sperm is to categorically declare I'm coming and there is nothing that can be done about that

Untethered lust meets up with erotic sensory pleasure: HIMnHER

Eros God of Lust and erotic pleasure was not divined erotic God for no reason, everything sensory was his to play with.

Unquenchable pleasure:why-how-id-FROM THE HEART JOSIE LONG BBC4 JOSIE LONG Unquenchable pleasure:why-how-id  

Passive suicide engineered by the pleasure principle BODIES BY JOSIE LONG BBC4

Passive suicide can be inculcated by outside forces unknown to the individual. It's a form of monomania from where there is no

Engineering Passive Suicide

Engineering Passive Suicide Engineering something is easy once you know how. The easiest thing to engineer is behaviour. Peopl

Desire Line Shortcuts with ‘Josie Long’ is the perfect metaphor to describe how we became magnetised

it's that unexplainable connection from deep in somewhere, out there, in there, up who knows it's the unexplainable which make