When Ra was particularly incensed by this daedal earthly, beautiful, intervening sorcerer he had to delve in….

Amidst all this rhythm and concord Apophis God of Chaos reigned happily. This earthly creative human made his hypnotic stare more powerful.

But to Ra who every night tried to sail to the underworld for rebirth and renewal, got caught out-not by Apophis but the earthly sorcerer who wanted her for himself.

This human was created from his sweat and tears and this byzantine situation created more nefarious worldly archetypes than anticipated. 


The beautiful sorcerer will feel Sekhmet’s breath kiss his face, her breath the wind created the desert, she is the daughter daughter of Ra. Continue reading “When Ra was particularly incensed by this daedal earthly, beautiful, intervening sorcerer he had to delve in….”

When you look at the fleshy sensuous body on the table and as you do so your eyes collide something extraordinary happens…….

Ra using the judgement spell tries to distract from the global eclipse of their souls.

One living one dying…. The distress urges death to relent, let go, give in.

The master sorcerer who can’t let the living die denies Imentet her dues.

Because of this the living and dead soul intertwine and are caught in the Book of  the Dead’s judgement spell.

The master is stupified by the energy of this quantum entanglement.

He feels his life flow waning his body wants hers.

His mind is determined.

Imentet flees to the branch of the silent tree and remains there waiting for both their souls to come together.

he’s seen it thousands of times before, it defies the natural order of life and death.

It deprives the soul gatherers their right to  nourish and feed the dead on their way.

There’s never a way out once the man with the smiling and focused face-his bag of tools-his fleet of foot enters Euclids equation- you can’t stop him said Ra to Imentet.

Distract her, distract him make him stop-make……..him stop I don’t want that soul lost in the netherlands of damnation.

Then it happened…………he looked at her……….



When a heart is served inadvertently on a plate to a man of pantomime it elucidates actions beyond comprehension.

He is a stranger or is it she is the stranger, two strangers look at each other in a tempestuous whirl.

Then looking through the glass bottom magnified a thousand times she falls into his philosophically absurd, beautiful disguised world: fleshy, sexual, sensual, surgical.
Image result for imentetImentet watched and waited………………….

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