I do not exist

I know it. The mixture of tendencies

Collapse onto the soul

I can see that nothing exists as he is emboldened

to peace.

Opening up the sky and

Laying down low

Appearing on the horizon

As an epochè of gnarled and

deep despair

slow motion warped his fingers

I decided it


Look closely

It was eidetic

The march on the ocean far

off into squares

keeping safe apatheia


and white his skin soft and

hard vanishes

that’s what she said

as superfluous as



THE MOUSAI (Muses) were the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets. They were also goddesses of knowledge, who remembered all things that had come to pass. Later the Mousai were assigned specific artistic spheres: Kalliope (Calliope), epic poetry; Kleio (Clio), history; Ourania (Urania), astronomy; Thaleia (Thalia), comedy; Melpomene, tragedy; Polymnia (Polyhymnia), religious hymns; Erato, erotic poetry; Euterpe, lyric poetry; and Terpsikhore (Terpsichore), choral song and dance.

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