Some Body I don’t know 

I waited. 

Some women are not aware of me-you are not one of them-you try to open me-express 

me-use me, you feel me more than your physical self.


 When something happens that unbalances me or knocks me out of sync with the environment and you are the environment and this is also an environment. Continue reading “When the mind takes over”


He Knows Ok

Darkness in the valley

His hands push and pull

knowing each

sweet spot


has taught

him to search and watch the glisten glow

Undulations rise and fall

as he blows gently

The opening

POTHOS (Pothus) was the god of sexual longing, yearning and desire. He was one of the winged love-gods known as Erotes.

How the Muse buds

Everything matters. Like a hose kinking it’s when the water stops that you notice. You become irritated and disgruntled looking back to see the problem plain as day staring at you. Such is life.

As you unfold it you can feel the pulsating pressure build up within the dark tunnel, fluid then suddenly charges through your hands throbbing, searching and seeking an exit.

The fluid gushes out and nothing can stop it. Until the next kink which is usually once you’ve relaxed and it happens again.


It feels good but it’s a dream. A tension filled wet dream from dark matter. So dark in fact that event this massless particle is non-existent. He pushed and probed gasping with deep breath and tiny inhalations of frustration.  The intensity is only surmounted by the audience who look on at the master: they are fully focused and dry lipped.

Like the holder of the gushing hose which feeds off the yearning buds hankering for a wetting, he too becomes ejaculatory with the unkinking and gushing flow. But that happens later and there is no outlet. Fuck it.

How did it come to this?

It was a dance and when you do the thigmotropic and transmundane dance in broad daylight your exposed and she’s confused and the world spins faster, the hose kinks tighter, the flow builds up and suppressing it only creates unintended phantasies which have to see the light of night.

She saw this concomitance when their eyes glazed each other. It was instantaneous. Immediate. A hairs breadth – he was oscillating in the tunnel and didn’t see.

Is it possible to go insane from another?

It’s nice-take me there.

Mr Museish.

he is all seeing Oedipus fulfilling the oracle

Kavka’s original version of the puzzle is the following:

An eccentric billionaire places before you a vial of toxin that, if you drink it, will make you painfully ill for a day, but will not threaten your life or have any lasting effects. The billionaire will pay you one million dollars tomorrow morning if, at midnight tonight, you intend to drink the toxin tomorrow afternoon. He emphasizes that you need not drink the toxin to receive the money; in fact, the money will already be in your bank account hours before the time for drinking it arrives, if you succeed. All you have to do. . . intend at midnight tonight to drink the stuff tomorrow afternoon. You are perfectly free to change your mind after receiving the money and not drink the toxin.[1]

A possible interpretation: Can you intend to drink the toxin if you also intend to change your mind at a later time?

  • In line with Newcomb’s paradox, an omniscient pay-off mechanism makes a person’s decision known to him before he makes the decision, but it is also assumed that the person may change his decision afterwards, of free will.
  • Similarly in line with Newcomb’s paradox; Kavka’s claim, that one cannot intend what one will not do, makes pay-off mechanism an example of reverse causation.
  • Pay-off for decision to drink the poison is ambiguous.
  • There are two decisions for one event with different pay-offs.

Since the pain caused by the poison would be more than off-set by the money received, we can sketch the pay-off table as follows.

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