tempestuousness cannot be contained

tempestuousness in the beautiful man cannot be contained in this already restrained animal. the constant and consistent demand

Shortest Day of the Year Sunday Dec 22.2019

Shortest Day of the Year Sunday Dec 22.2019 Sunrise 08.39 Sunset 16.25 There it is stretched farthest Snapped back to longest

When he screwed around with fates time

When he screwed around with fates time


A hyphen connects it's inserted to add meaning. Once inserted the world is a better place.


When the muse immersion begins it's an unknown. Nothing can prepare you for the excoriation FUCK.

he knows how to one

he knows how to one lift the sleeping spirit carry it to the tomb moan its glory gone and tightness gone flaccid curling wipes

He knows how to

he knows how to fuck in this orbis terrarum miseriae.

muse makes love behind the mask

all it takes is one kiss then surrender to the fathomless

muse affect

Muse affect It’s hard to imagine or explain the intrinsic affect a muse has on your internal world. It becomes a mass of con

What would Lucretius say- pacify your lover into homotopy

Lucretius says-Happy is he who has discovered the causes of things and has cast beneath his feet all fears,unavoidable fate, a

Youth and abundance where the cup does not overflow:preyed on

A very devastating shock to be told Roisín O Mullane was dead. Dead she said-it was hard to comprehend-that lovely crazy-wild

he is all seeing Oedipus fulfilling the oracle

Kavka’s original version of the puzzle is the following: An eccentric billionaire places before you a vial of toxin that

she watched the new born baby cry in the pram and enjoyed it

how this dream exposed itself unknowingly with the golden fleece

The willpower paradox is the idea that people may do things better by focusing less directly on doing them, implying that the

Let your dark side in

delicate strength whips up a frenzy

Mirror in February – Thomas Kinsella

slow like a pip time trips you up and leaves you staring back

The House of the Rising Sun Night is Done

inside you with all consuming knowledge

Riders On The Storm Ripped Slowly Apart

this world rips us in and tears us out with cruelty inbetween

Black fluid

NEMESIS was the goddess of indignation against, and retribution for, evil deeds and undeserved good fortune. She was a personi

White fluid

TYPHOEUS (Typhon) was a monstrous storm-giant who laid siege to heaven but was defeated by Zeus and imprisoned in the pit ofTa

evolute puerim

moore’s paradox

Believe that P often Not always Asserts P Alternatively Contradiction The first Step To absurdity Don’t Assert Enough Or Too

benardette’s paradox

The Mind is Running Ahead but barriers Block its Path Thinking Overcomplicates thought Logic Rationality Are forces Beyond Com

Bonini’s Paradox

Equinox Standing before me Out of context And Complex My brain is Inert with gossamer Tinged Dark Violet and red Consumed He i