Maybe it’s Sophocles

Maybe it’s Sophocles

THE ELAPHOS KERYNITIS (or Cerynitian Hind) was a golden-Maybe it's Sophocleshorned deer sacred to the goddess Artemis. Some say the deer was a gift from the Nymph Taygete and was one of five, the other four drawing the chariot of the goddess.

Herakles was sent to fetch it as one of his twelve labours. After chasing the swift animal for a full year he finally captured it on Mount Artemision in Arkadia. When the goddess Artemis complained at the treatment of her animal, whose horn the hero had broken off in the struggle, he persuaded her to let him borrow it for the completion of his Labour.

The hind may have been assigned a Constellation like the other beasts of Herakles’ labours.

anterior disintegrates


PORPHYRION was the King of the Gigantes who was struck down by Herakles and Zeus with arrows and lighning bolt when he attempted to rape the goddessHera during the Giant War.

He is probably the same as Eurymedon, who is named King of the Gigantes by Homer.

There are several possible etymologies for his name. It might derive from the word porphyreôs, “the surging,” referring to both the surges of the battlefield and of the sea. Another similar word porphyrô means “gleaming darkly.” The comedian Aristophanes in his play the Birds connects Porphyrion and his brother Alkyoneus with two birds, the purple-coot (Greek porphyriôn) and the halcyon (alkyôn).

Abilene Paradox



abileneOblivious to the

tune of


It passed

He roared quietly


Three deer a tiger and a lion


Near the

Stream of fate


He couldn’t cross

Beyond all knowing

Risking the

The realm’s chance

On the other


A dream passed

His face



A flame on

His forehead


His atomic


Take the leap



into paradise

swim in the


of sweet

this is






Shush hear my silent suffocating


No you can’t hear me so

Roll up roll up


Why am I here

What’s the point

Nothing is relevant

Its all too much to take

My life is meaningless

Can’t take it anymore

Can’t handle the future

Too far for me to imagine my life there

The thoughts the pressure the panic

This pain is killing me inside

Yes I’ll  end it all.

So that’s it 

fuck it


Come on everybody have a look 

See how I dont give a shit about him her them you me

Lying hanging floating missing aren’t I great

What I can do to show so much hate

The selfish suicide own life takers 

Who cares whose left behind

as long as it’s not me

Here everyone

my legacy

My parents my children brothers sisters friends society

feel my pain feel it passed to thee

It’s  a gift

I don’t give a shit

I think of no one not their feelings their present their future

I’m my hero so selfish so self involved

I care for no one only me me me

I’m my ouroboros

I sin without and within

The selfish suicide showman


Wait I’ve created my own fate

My silent suffocating scream

let out

Shit it’s too late



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